About Local 7

We Are Local 7, American Federation Of Musicians

The Orange County Musicians Union, a non-profit labor organization, has been representing professional musicians in the area since 1923. From the Disneyland Band to the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, our members provide the highest quality musicianship to the audiences of Orange County. Our membership of approximately 800 consists of instrumentalists and vocalists who perform live and in recording studios locally and internationally.

The officers and staff of Local 7 take care of the business of the music, from negotiating a collective bargaining agreement to referring a musician for a private party. We administer contracts for live and recorded performances, as well as provide the musicians with career guidance and benefits such as pension and medical insurance. By working together, the musicians are able to attain such goals as only a team of professionals can.

More information about the American Federation Of Musicians organization can be found at the AFM national Web site.

Contact information:
Orange County Musicians Union
Local 7, A.F.M.
2050 South Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Telephone (714)546-8166
Facsimile (714)662-0279

Office Hours 10:00am to 5:00pm
Monday through Friday
24-Hour Voicemail
Closed Holidays

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Main Office: info@ocmusicians.org
President: bob@ocmusicians.org
Vice President: edmund@ocmusicians.org
Secretary/Treasurer: tammy@ocmusicians.org
Membership/Benefits: pam@ocmusicians.org
Referral Service: pam@ocmusicians.org

President/AFM Delegate:Bob Sanders
Vice President:Edmund Velasco
Secretary/Treasurer/AFM Delegate:Tammy Noreyko

Adam Neeley
Ronald Minor
Mike Peak
Connie Deeter
Greg Reynolds

Assistant to the President:
Pamela Mojarro

General Meetings:
January, May & October
Union Hall 7:00pm
2050 South Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92707


Orange County Musicians' Association Local 7, American Federation of Musicians,
2050 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92707 (714) 546-8166